Welcome to TEN's online course for debtors who have already filed their Chapter 13 petition and have been directed to this site by their Trustee.

Information about Chapter 13 (PDF)

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Register for this free 4-hour debtor education course. While registration is possible with your smartphone, this course was designed for larger displays. You should complete the course within 60-days after signing up for it. If you abandon your seat in the online course, you will be removed after 60 days and will need to start the course over to earn a certificate.

We are trying to determine which methods work best when registering for this online course.

This number was provided to you by your Chapter 13 Trustee. It will be TEN13XXX. ADD the last 3 digits to TEN13

Identify your trustee. Their name is on your Chapter 13 petition and other paperwork.
If your trustee is not listed, you will not be able to earn a certificate from this course. 

Enter YOUR full name as it appears on your Chapter 13 court records.
Do not include your Spouse's name.
Spouses must register separately with their own name and email address.
Couples can take the course on the same computer, but not at the same time. 

Enter your FULL NAME as it appears on your Chapter 13 court records
Spouses must register and take the course separately with their own name and email address and take the course themselves.

You must check this box whether you have a spouse or not. Your spouse must register separately with their own name and email address. Spouses cannot take the course together.


Please enter a valid e-mail address. A confirmation email will be sent to this address upon sign up.
Please enter a valid e-mail address. A confirmation email will be sent to this address upon sign up.

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Please enter the case number of your Chapter 13 petition. It should look like this: 21-12345. It has two digits for the year and 5 numbers  (YY-XXXXX). 

(Optional) This is not your Trustee's name. This is the Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney who filed your case.


Create a username with at least 6 letters or numbers or symbols or any combination. NO spaces. Keep it simple. Remember to write down the username and password you create for this site. 


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