Welcome to TEN's online course for debtors who have already filed their Chapter 13 petition and have been directed to this site by their Trustee.

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Steps 1-2-3 (Read everything)

 You will need:

  1. To have an active Chapter 13 case. This course is NOT for Chapter 7 cases. 
  2. A valid email address. This is how you will complete your registration and receive your certificate when you complete the course. 

  3. The Trustee Identifier Number you were given by your attorney or trustee's office. It is on the flyer they gave you about this site. It looks like TEN13XXX. You will need to input TEN13 and the 3 missing numbers. 

  4. Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case Number. If this is not correct, we will not be able to file the certificate with the court when you complete the course.  It should look like this: 16-12345. It has two digits for the year and 5 numbers  (YY-XXXXX). Sometimes your case number with have letters and initials attached to them. You may include them, just be certain you have the required numbers included.

  5. Your full name "exactly" as shown on your bankruptcy petition.

  6. Your Chapter 13 bankruptcy Schedules A/BD, and E/F for Lesson 1 and Schedules I and J for Lesson 3. You can get copies of these Schedules from your attorney, or the Bankruptcy Clerk for a small fee.

  7. Only one person's name can appear on each certificate to be filed with the court. If your spouse is named on a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition, they will need to register and take the course individually. They will need a separate valid email address.

  8. Check your email for a link to use to confirm your registration. (We need to make sure your email address works.)

Everyone should look at the Course Requirements. You'll need speakers or headphones and your copy of your bankruptcy schedules. 

Now, prepare your computer and yourself to take the 4-hour course without technical difficulties. 

Browser: Use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Safari. Do NOT use Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge (as of 8/1/17). 

Computer: You need a desktop or laptop computer for this course. Do NOT use a tablet or a phone. 

Do this now:   

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2. Allow for popups in your browser.
3. Click here to check that you have Flash installed and enabled. 
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4. If you are using Internet Explorer on a Windows 10 operating system, disable Active-X controls.

Do NOT skip Step 2 above. It will be the only way to prevent technical problems before starting the course.

  1. DO NOT TAKE THIS COURSE for a Chapter 7 case. It is for Chapter 13 cases only
  2. Once your computer is configured, begin the course by logging in with the username and password you created during registration.
  3. Then click on The Lessons in the Main Menu. 
  4. Most people will choose the EARN CERTIFICATE (English) version. You only choose one course.
    The course contains an Orientation and 10 Lessons as you can see listed at the top of the home page.

    The EARN CERTIFICATE (Spanish) version is also available. Select either the English or the Spanish course. You only need to select one course.

    The NO CERTIFICATE versions (English or Spanish) are for your convenience to review any of lessons as you like sometime in the future. 

 helpbuttonContact Technical Support through Help in the Main Menu at left. DO NOT contact your attorney or trustee for assistance. This course is not their responsibility. 

Note: People with technical problems usually skip Step 2. They use an iPad or Firefox.  They haven't allowed pop-ups from this site. In general, they don't read the instructions.


FAQ imageFrequently Asked Questions about the course

If you have completed a lesson, but the next lesson does appear ready for you to start, click on F5 on your keyboard to reload the page. If that doesn't work, try CTRL-F5.

If you don't have an F5 (like on a Google Chromebook) use the Reload button at the top of your Chrome Browser screen.
It's the circular arrow as seen here:
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Select Help from the Main Menu and use the Contact Technical Support utility to ask for assistance. The email sent will be answered within 24 hours. Provide as much detail as you can to describe your technical problem. Sometimes it will be more expedient for Tech Support to call you to get you back on track.

The most likely problem is that Flash has been disabled in your browser. See Step 2 above to install/enable Flash in your particular browser. 

No. This debtor education course provides a certificate for Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases only. 

This online course and its materials are only available to registered users who are given a Trustee Identifier Number (TIN) by their Chapter 13 Trustee. An example would be TEN13XXX.  Even if you do not elect to earn a certificate, your Trustee will still need to issue to you a Trustee Identifier Number for you to use to register and to access the site.

Your Trustee is paying for you to take the course so you can earn a certificate you need in order to qualify for a discharge of your debts upon completion of your case. There is no out-of-pocket expense to you.

If your spouse has also filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy, then they too need to earn a certificate in order to qualify for a discharge of their debts.  Your spouse will need to register and complete the course separately to earn their own certificate. You will each need separate email addresses. You can use the same computer, but not at the same time.  

US Trustee regulations require you to receive a minimum of two hours of approved financial management instruction. This course, if completed with conscientious effort, should take four to five hours to complete.  You don't have to complete it in one sitting.  It is best try to complete the course within a week or two.  Passage of the the Final Quiz will be easier if the information presented in the lessons is still fresh to you.

No. The course is made up of several 20-30 minute lessons. You can try to complete it all in one sitting, but it could be very difficult to stay concentrated on the material.  We recommend you plan to complete 1 or 2 lessons each time you login. You must complete each lesson before moving on to the next.  When you see the display verifying that you have completed the current lesson, you can log out or close your browser window. The next time you log in and go to The Lessons and select your course, the program will pick up where you left off with the next lesson ready to go. It is expected you will complete the course within 1-year of the date you filed Chapter 13.

Yes. Each lesson ends with a short quiz to help you recall the basic information just presented. They are not graded. After you complete all 10 lessons in the course there will be a final quiz. Once you pass this quiz, you will be eligible to receive a certificate from the US Trustee’s Office indicating that you have successfully completed the required course.

Yes and no.  Yes, you need the certificate in order to be eligible to receive a discharge of your debts upon completion of your Chapter 13 case. However, if after filing this case you have attended and completed another approved financial management course for people who have filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and already have a certificate from the US Trustee’s Office, then you will not choose to earn the certificate a second time in this case.  However, you can visit this site for access to the great lessons, handouts and links as a refresher any time for 5 years following the first time you registered for the site.  Even if you do not elect to earn a certificate, your Trustee will still need to issue to you a Trustee Identifier Number for you to use to register and to access the site.

Once you have completed the course and the final quiz, if you have opted to earn the certificate when you registered, you will immediately receive an email of congratulations from us. There will be no certificate to print at that time. We will notify the US Trustee’s Office of your success. This will take up to 3 business days. The certificate of completion will be emailed to you at that time. You may want to forward it to your attorney then and print a copy for your files.

As a courtesy, the course provider, your trustee, will file the certificate directly with the bankruptcy clerk in your case within 15 days. 

For one year from the time of your initial registration, you can return to the site and review any lesson by visiting the Finally, Financial Freedom!--Refresher Course. You can also access downloadable forms and links without viewing any lessons again.

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